The influencer and Brand Ambassador, Camino Villa, has published a beautiful text about Valgut & Bag and the birthplace of Lioness artists.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that several of my dreamers are like me, lionesses.

Any project or idea that bears the seal of my land, gives me a special emotion!

Leon is the birthplace of artists, writers, poets, designers, who have had the opportunity to live surrounded by Art, in a city that inspires and whose light and sky of a blue difficult to match, I am sure influences and a lot!

Valgut Y Bag is a firm that bets on values that I firmly believe in. His collection of handbags has been created to excite. They are unique pieces, no two are the same, made absolutely by masters experts in the trade and with the highest quality. Playing with colors allows you a thousand possibilities and yellows with turquoise, black and beige together are winning combination!

Happy to have a new timeless that gathers all the qualities to overcome expiration dates”

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