ags are key for customizing any outfit
       and an essential element for any wardrobe. In fact, many people decide what to wear depending on the bag they want to carry that day

They can be used for different occasions and combinations, endure time well and have the amazing ability to turn a simple outfit into something new and different, without forgetting that they allow for certain licenses, eccentricities and even ironies


Manhattan Collection.

       t present, the bag has become an
       accessory for both men and women that "dress" the bearer in their different versions: long, short, big, small, with handles, on the shoulder, in the hand, behind the back, and more. There are no limits!

Each of our designs has its own name and personality: Provenze, Ethnic, Minoan, Kalos (large and mini version), Atzmut, Akev, Mombasa, Mogambo (large and mini version), Manyi, Persephone, Portofino, Matrix, Chronos, Lysander, Anwer, Babylon, Manhattan and others that we have yet to create and offer to you


New proposals presentation on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid 2017

Fashion Show with Esther Noriega on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid 2017

Kalos Collection

If you want to see some of the most significant designs from our work over the years you can access them through the following link

       t Valgut&Bag we play with design,
       materials and color to create unique pieces that help us show the world our personality and how we move away from conformity


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